Syria strikes spark opposition in the West


© EuroNews Lesley Alexander | last updated: 15/04/2018

Syria strikes spark opposition in the West

Critics of Western military intervention in Syria have taken to the streets following this week’s missile strikes on the Assad regime. In the United States, Washington and Chicago have both seen anti-war demonstrations. Questions are also being raised by opposition politicians in all three countries that took part in the air strikes.

  • US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer warned of the risks of being drawn into a greater and more involved war in Syria.
  • Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said that any further military action in Syria must be approved by Congress.
  • The Labour leader wants a parliamentary vote on Monday when Prime Minister Theresa May will make a statement in the House of Commons.
  • If President Assad was behind a chemical attack, Wauquiez said, he should answer to the International Criminal Court. On the far-right, Front National leader Marine Le Pen says that France has missed an opportunity to present itself as an independent, balanced power.

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